Samsung brazenly charges $100k for a 4K 89-inch LED TV

A Samsung employee sitting next to a 4K 89-inch LED TV by Samsung

A Samsung employee sitting next to a 4K 89-inch LED TV by Samsung

Samsung is off its rocker once again as the Korean tech giant charges $100,000 for its new Direct View LED TV.

The company’s Direct View displays have been lauded for years now. Direct View LED screens remove LCD covers and instead provide dense, direct LEDs that display the image, hence the name.

In a surprising turn, Samsung has revealed its first 89-inch LED TV using the Direct View technology. Dubbed the MNA89MS1BACXKR, the huge TV is almost as massive as its eye-watering pricetag.

Samsung revealed that its not only planning to create the 89-inch LED TV, but also smaller and larger displays. Alongside the MNA89MS1BACXKR, Samsung is also planning to release 76-inch, 101-inch and 114-inch versions of its display.

Despite being an absolutely massive display, the 89-inch LED TV isn’t one of the company’s 8K panels. Instead, Samsung is providing a 4K display with HDR10+ support, an in-built 6.4.4ch 120W speaker system and its controversial TizenOS software.

The new display is already available to purchase in Korea and China. In Korea, the massive display costs 130 million won, the equivalent of $100,000. For that price, you could get over 50 LG C3s, one of the best displays on the market.

Samsung has hedged its bets on Direct View LED, aka MicroLED, displays for over a decade now, but the hardware has yet to become anywhere near as important as OLED, or even Samsung’s own Quantum Dot displays. With the company already moving to use LG displays instead of its own, it would appear that Direct View LEDs are still not ready for market.

With the massive Samsung 89-inch LED being as expensive as it is, we don’t see the MNA89MS1BACXKR. If you have $100,000 to waste and you want a massive TV, get an LG Gallery Edition OLED, especially if you’re gunning for 4K. It’s a quarter of the price, and much nicer to look at.

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