Rocket League is coming to mobile later this year

Rocket League developer, Psyonix announced today that a free-to-play port of the wildly popular driving football game will come to iOS and Android. 

Titled Rocket League Sideswipe. The new mobile game will feature different gameplay from the developer’s flagship title. 

Launched in 2015, Rocket League has since released across numerous platforms and went free-to-play last year after Epic acquired Psyonix. 

Sideswipe seems like the latest attempt to diversify the product by introducing the brand to an even wider audience of play.


Sideswipe shifts the established Rocket League POV to the side, giving players a view of the entire playing field. This is to make the game’s fast-paced driving action a little easier to play on touchscreen controls. 

Rocket League’s five-minute match length is condensed down to two minutes, with 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

As you can see from the alpha footage above, Strikers maintains the frenetic energy of Rocket league, but simplifies down to a smaller screen.

Psyonix has not yet announced a release date, but players in New Zealand and Australia can join a limited-time regional alpha on the Google Play Store. 


Rocket Sideswipe will feature several elements, including online play, competitive ranks and car customisation.

Psyonix hasn’t commented on how deep these systems will be compared to Rocket League, but we can probably expect customisation to take centre stage as Sideswipe will be free-to-play.

There’s also no information on whether players will be able to take cosmetics between the main game and Sideswipe, but it could be a great way to get players invested in both titles. 

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