State of Switch survey finds 65% of respondents suffered from Joy-Con drift

A Nintendo Switch survey carried out by Switch Weekly's Chris Brandrick revealed that 65% of Switch respondents have experienced Joy-Con drift before.

This marks a rise of 20% from a similar survey carried out by Brandrick in 2020.

Of this number, only 20% sent their Joy-Con controllers for repair, with 93.2% of those receiving a repair free of charge.

Over 11,500 Nintendo enthusiasts took part in the fourth annual State of Switch survey.

What is Joy-Con drift?

Joy-Con drift causes the Nintendo Switch controllers' analogue stick to register an input while players are not touching the stick. Usually found in the left Joy-Con, the Switch has suffered from this issue since it first launched in 2017.

Nintendo has previously acknowledged and apologised for the drift issues, with players being able to send in their Joy-Cons for free repairs. However, the company is facing several class-action lawsuits over the drift problem.

Earlier this year, players reported a similar issue with the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller.

What else did the State of Switch survey reveal?

The survey found that Switch enthusiasts are most looking forward to the Breath of the Wild sequel, with 34.1% of respondents choosing this title as their most anticipated upcoming game. 8.4% chose Metroid Prime 4 and 7.6% chose Splatoon 3.

40% of respondents also admitted to having experienced issues buying products due to stock shortages. Respondents referenced their struggles in buying Amiibo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ring Fit Adventure and the Switch console itself. This comes after Nintendo faced unprecedented demand for its console amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

These Switch owners spent a median of $67 per month on gaming-related purchases. This seems to reflect the survey's 'enthusiast' angle, perhaps not accounting for the large casual Nintendo player base that likely spends less.

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A sequel to Breath of the Wild was first announced at E3 2019.

What do Switch owners want in future hardware?

Looking forward to a potential Nintendo Switch upgrade, respondents wanted a 'Switch Pro' to include a longer battery life and Bluetooth support, alongside more storage and a higher resolution screen.

While the Switch Pro may include a longer battery and improved storage, reports suggest its screen will remain at 720p. The upgraded model could support 4K gaming when docked, however.

Of those asked, 20% of respondents also said they would buy the next Nintendo device with no prior knowledge of the console.

You can check out the full survey results here.

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