Controversial Resident Evil 5 Remake teased by Capcom

resident evil 5 remake teased
Credit: Capcom

resident evil 5 remake teased
Credit: Capcom

Following the success of recent Resi remakes, Capcom is looking to develop a full Resident Evil 5 remake in the near future. Fans gave been speculating on another remake releasing after Resident Evil 4, but it seems it’s now been confirmed.

Major spoilers for Resident Evil 4 remake beyond this point!

Shown in the final cutscene for Resident Evil 4 remake, evidence for Resident Evil 5 Remake has been released. The cutscene shows Ada Wong talking to iconic villain Albert Wesker before deciding not to give him a vial containing the Plagas. Wesker doesn’t seem to be phased by this as he then moves on to the next phase of his plan.

Posted on Reddit, the game’s ending reveals a number of clues that hint at a Resident Evil 5 remake. Fans spotted the Underground Garden which plays a big part in the final game. We also see Excella Gione, the businesswoman who teams up with Wesker in the game, which is the biggest clue.

All of these clues are a clear indication that a remake of Chris Redfield’s most controversial adventure is in the works. Some could argue that this is just being done to flesh out the interaction with Wesker and Ada Wong. However, Capcom has been pretty eager to remake these games so we don’t know why this would stop them.

Choosing to remake Resident Evil 5 is an interesting choice, if somewhat unnecessary if we’re being honest. Resident Evil 4 remake went to great lengths to make the original’s story “better,” so it will be weird seeing that done for the sequel. Granted, the next installment is far from a bad game but it did double down on the action elements, like having Chris Redfield punch a boulder.

Frankly, we think a remake of Resident Evil 5 is more unnecessary than one of Resident Evil 4. In addition to the game still looking and playing fine today, it also has readily available HD editions that anyone can play. Plus, the Steam version finally removed restrictions towards online play, making it even more modern than before.

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Resident Evil 4 remake is now readily available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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