Red Dead Redemption comes to PS4 and Switch, no PC or Xbox

red dead redemption comes to ps4 and switch
Credit: Rockstar Games

red dead redemption comes to ps4 and switch
Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that Red Dead Redemption will be coming to Switch and PS4 later this month. This version of the open-world classic will also come with the Undead Nightmare expansion.

A trailer for the game was released, confirming rumours that Rockstar would be releasing this on Switch. As previously speculated, this is a straight port of the PS3 and Xbox 360 classic with all single-player DLC included.

Oddly enough, this version of Red Dead Redemption has only been confirmed for the PS4 and Switch. Currently, it appears that this port won’t be coming to Xbox or PC systems, at least not yet. There’s no word on whether ports for these versions will come at a later date.

It also hasn’t been confirmed if the first release’s online modes will be included but that doesn’t seem likely. Rockstar Games is still supporting Red Dead Redemption Online, which is a part of the sequel.

Red Dead Redemption focuses on the story of John Marsten, who is tasked by the government to track down members of his old gang. As for the Undead Nightmare DLC, that’s completely unrelated to the main plot as John simply fights zombies.

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The digital version of Red Dead Redemption will cost $49.99 and is coming out later this month, on August 17. There will also be a physical version of the game, which comes out a month later on October 13.

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