Razer confirms they're creating an RGB face mask as well as a reusable straw

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PC gaming company Razer continues to impress with the announcement of two new products. Firstly, the company has announced that they're going ahead with their futuristic face mask concept as well as a new gadget. It's something we never expected, but it's a reality.

Razer RGB Face Mask

The Razer RGB Face Mask started out as just a concept earlier this year. Revealed back in January, Project Hazel was designed as a face mask for the future. With the spread of COVID-19 essentially shuttering the world, Razer hopes that people will be more aware of illness transmission. Face masks are common in Asia, even for a small cold, but this is the next step up.

The concept design included clever active ventilation, Voice Amp technology and a UV cleansing case. Of course, Razer also included RGB lighting. The device uses disc-shaped ventilators that filter inhalation and exhalation; 95% of airborne particles get filtered out.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed that the company will be making the device. “We are going to make it happen and I think we will all be, unfortunately, wearing masks for a long time to come,” Tan said.

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They've made a straw

High-tech masks are far from Razer's only project, but this latest one is a surprising turn. Continuing their eco-friendly push, the gaming company has created the Razer Reusable Straw. “Straws suck, but this one doesn't,“ says the marketing spiel on Razer's website

Made of Food Grade 304 stainless steel and made in a collapsible design, it certainly is a straw. There’s a silicone tip for better drinking and a free straw cleaner to properly scrub past drinks away. It is definitely, without a doubt, a straw. 

“Fight for our environment with every sip with the Razer Reusable Straw,” the product page reads. “Featuring an innovative telescopic design for effortless daily use, and built to withstand whatever the game brings, let's drink to the end of single-use plastic straws forever—because when our planet thrives, everybody wins.”

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