Razer: How to use Razer headset on PS5

Razer headsets could be classified into two - the wired and the wireless variants. But regardless of your headset's classification, both can be used for the PS5 console.

It means that there are two given ways on how you could connect yours to the recently released PlayStation 5.

One could be as simple as plugging it in, but the other one may have a bit of a process to set up, yet it could be a more comfortable one.

With that, here's everything you need know on how to use a Razer headset on PS5.

Connect your Razer headset to PS5 via cable

Wired Razer headsets such as the Razer Electra V2 can be connected to your PS5 by using its cable.

Its 3.5mm audio jack is compatible to the PS5 controller. Find the controller's 3.5mm headphone jack and plug the Electra's USB connection there.

Quite easy and simple, the sounds of your PS5 games and apps can now make its way closer to your hearing.

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Connect your Razer headset to PS5 via Bluetooth

For those who have a wireless Razer headset, on the other hand, you can connect yours by using its Bluetooth function. But you will need the help of a Bluetooth adapter.

The PS5's Bluetooth function may be utilized when you have a Bluetooth adapter. Once you have it, plug it on one of your PS5's available ports.

Proceed by holding down the sync buttons on both your Razer wireless headset and adapter as well.

Wait for both devices to pair. It might take you some time for this to work, but once it's all good, you may now whoop in to your PS5 gaming extravaganza along with a more engaging sound experience.

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