PS5 Slim images allegedly leak, showing a barely different console

PS5 Slim images allegedly leak, showing a barely different console

PS5 Slim images allegedly leak, showing a barely different console

New PS5 Slim images are reportedly now available online, showing a first look at Sony’s unannounced console refresh. While still currently unofficial in Sony’s eyes, the console leak does look rather accurate.

Shared by numerous Twitter accounts, images of the upcoming PS5 Slim show a very similar design to the base model. The new model appears slightly more curved, with black slits down the middle, a new addition to the white face plates on the side of the machine.

In a surprise move, the console does appear to go for more of a popped collar look for the machine. If you thought the original machine looked a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba, this refresh goes much further with that aesthetic.

The leaked images do seem to corroborate numerous insider discussions regarding the machine. Just yesterday, a PS4 and PS4 custom firmware developer revealed that the new console is just “5cm” smaller than the base machine.

An image of the PS5 Slim leaked console on a purple background
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Judging from the new pictures, the PS5 Slim does look slimmer and smaller than the base machine. However, it does still look like a massive machine with a minuscule size difference between the two SKUs. Compared to the slim models of Sony’s prior consoles, this is barely any different.

Many fans believed that a PlayStation 5 Slim wasn’t in the works due to the release of the new Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition console. With the console seemingly on its way for the holiday season, many expected it to launch with a Spider-Man version to bolster the new model.

Sony has yet to announce its PlayStation 5 Slim model, or its leaked PS5 Pro. The latter machine has been teased as a machine that can target an 8K resolution on new, expensive 8K TV sets, even if it’s not worth it.

At the time of writing, Spider-Man 2 is the next PlayStation exclusive ready for release. Releasing on October 20th, 2023, the upcoming superhero adventure will let players swing around New York as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

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