Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro upgrade won’t be ‘meaningful’, says GTA 6 publisher

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro upgrade won’t be ‘meaningful’, says GTA 6 publisher

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro upgrade won’t be ‘meaningful’, says GTA 6 publisher

The rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro hardware has been hyped as a major power boost over the standard PS5 console. While the console may end up being substantially more powerful than the base model, game studios don’t think the device will be meaningful at all.

In an interview with IGN, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick claims that mid-generation upgrades don’t make a splash on the standard gaming audience. While the last generation saw the release of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, Zelnick believes those upgrades never made the impact gamers thought they did.

“Generally speaking, the mid-generation upgrades haven't really changed much," Zelnick told the outlet. “[They] aren't all that meaningful."

The GTA 6 publisher revealed that the release of mid-gen console upgrades won’t change anything about the way games are made. Multiplatform games will still be made with the weakest available hardware in mind which, in this case, is the controversial Xbox Series S.

If Sony does release a PlayStation 5 Pro console, the more powerful machine will only see improvements to PS5 titles instead of software designed purposefully for it. After all, more customers will be playing on the base machines.

Take-Two does have a strong reputation for supporting mid-gen consoles. Furthermore, with its relationship with Sony, GTA 6 and other Take-Two published games will likely support PlayStation 5 enhancements. Furthermore, if Xbox releases an answer to the PS5 Pro, that will more than likely be supported as well.

There is currently no announcement from Sony on whether or not the PlayStation 5 will be getting a mid-gen update. However, recent leaks regarding the company’s hardware projects have been remarkably accurate, including the company’s disappointing Project Q handheld.

If a PS5 Pro does release, the console will likely launch sometime in 2024, halfway through the expected life cycle of the current generation.

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