Pokémon Sleep players cheat to get weeks of Pokémon Go rewards

Pokémon Sleep players cheat to get weeks of Pokémon Go rewards

Pokémon Sleep players cheat to get weeks of Pokémon Go rewards

The long in-development Pokémon spin-off Pokémon Sleep launched earlier this week, but cheating fans have managed to already get weeks worth of sleeping rewards and a special Snorlax for Pokémon Go.

By combining Pokémon Sleep with the £50 Pokémon Go add-on Pokémon Go Plus+, players have been able to fake sleeping in order to get loads of rewards for the sleep-tracking mobile game.

Via Eurogamer, fans on Reddit reveal that Pokémon Sleep’s minimum sleep tracking period is 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, fans can stop sleep tracking, nab some rewards, change the date on their phone, and then start another session.

Players have used this Pokémon Sleep cheat to get a week’s worth of rewards in just three hours. It’s also infinitely repeatable, although eventually there will be a lack of Pokémon Go rewards.

Using the Pokémon Go Plus+ accessory, fans have been able to get up to five Nightcap Snorlax rewards. Only available by connecting Pokémon Sleep and Go with this accessory, Pokémon Sleep cheaters are attempting to get perfect IV or shiny variant of the cutely-dressed sleeping Pokémon.

At the time of writing, nobody has boasted about nabbing a shiny Nightcap Snorlax, but many are still trying. Furthermore, it’s not actually known what the shiny rates are for the special tie-in creature.

Of course, considering the popularity of Pokémon, there was no doubt that players would exploit the hell out of Pokémon Sleep. With the game offering rewards for Pokémon Go players, the game was always going to be abused by cheaters.

Pokémon Sleep is out right now on Android and iOS devices. Available for free, the game has launched in most major regions.

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