Pokémon NFTs and Metaverse job listing is terrifying fans

pokemon nfts metaverse job listing terrifying fans
Credit: Warner Bros.

pokemon nfts metaverse job listing terrifying fans
Credit: Warner Bros.

It looks like The Pokémon Company is investing in NFTs and the metaverse. A new job listing mentioning the two failing technologies has been spotted by fans, making them believe the iconic childhood franchise is turning anti-consumer.

Twitter user Pory discovered a job listing for the company’s Corporate Development Principal that requires the applicant to be knowledgeable in NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse. Since responsibilities include advising the company’s president on long-term strategies, it’s clear that the company is interested in these digital collectibles.

Naturally, many Pokémon fans are worried about the company’s long-term direction if they start to focus on NFTs. Many of the replies have a variation of “oh god, no” showing how much they don’t want this to happen.

Fans have already accepted that the company mostly cares about money and this might be the last straw. One would think that the company would be content with the billions they make from the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon GO, and video games but corporations love growth above everything.

It’s really unfortunate how these video game companies don’t see that NFTs aren’t interesting to the majority of gamers. Ubisoft has tried to make NFTs a major part of its brand and that hasn’t gone well for them. Square Enix is also attempting to get into the blockchain space, with their former president expressing his love for them many times.

Even Nintendo, the publisher of all mainline Pokémon games, is open to implementing them in the future. While they did show some hesitation, claiming that they have to be used in a “fun” way, they clearly want to make a quick buck or two out of it.

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Hopefully, now that a decent amount of backlash has made its rounds, we won’t have to think about Pokémon NFTs or a blockchain where you have to “catch ‘em all.” Fans have already bought poorly optimized official releases from The Pokémon Company, haven’t they been through enough?

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