Pokémon GO players are fed up with the game’s lack of accessibility options

pokemon go players fed up with lack of accessibility options
Credit: Niantic

pokemon go players fed up with lack of accessibility options
Credit: Niantic

Pokémon GO is about to enter its 7th year and fans are still angry at the lack of accessibility options. This is something fans have been vocal about for years and it stings more now that gaming has embraced accessibility options.

A post on The SIlph Road subreddit gained a lot of traction when it pointed out how the hit mobile game still has no accessibility features. Rather than just complain, the post actually brings up possible options that can be implemented in the app.

What makes this post about Pokémon GO good is that it doesn’t ask for the impossible. Simple things like color blindness settings, switching between taps and holding, and adjustable text size should be more than doable.

Simplicity is key sometimes, as most modern games have the options above and then some. It really is odd how this incredibly popular app hasn’t added these yet but the game keeps making money.

Putting Pokémon GO to shame are some of the accessibility features we’ve seen from Sony’s PlayStation exclusives. From The Last of Us Part 2 to Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man, these titles are packed to the brim with accessibility options. You could argue that should be the minimum for full-priced games but the fact that they’re there can’t be denied.

The mobile app has been alienating fans for a long time now and it’s not just due to these features. Whether it’s increasing the price of Remote Raid Passes, making events for paid members only, or its awful gym battles, there’s a lot to hate.

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It really is a shame to see Pokémon GO this route, as we remember when it was a simple game that united the world. Sure, it already had items you could buy with real money but it didn’t have any of the pay-to-play practices it does now. Fans are better off getting the current Nintendo Switch games.

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