Pokémon GO fans are mad at each other for not opening their gifts

pokemon go fans not opening their gifts

pokemon go fans not opening their gifts

Pokémon GO has been a controversial app in recent years, thanks to unwarranted price increases and constantly changing features. This next bit of controversy has less to do with the app itself and more with fans who aren’t accepting their gifts.

Fans on the app’s subreddit expressed their frustration with other players who don’t open their gifts. While the poster acknowledges that there is a limit to opening gifts and item storage in general, the amount of unopened gifts has gone too far.

Other players have acknowledged that opening gifts in Pokémon GO can be a chore, especially if they have a lot of friends. Plus, gifts take up item storage and that can be used for more important things like Pokémon Eggs or Poké Balls.

“I open all my daily gifts, but with 200 friends on the list it's very much impossible to open them all!” says minibois. “At least I start at FriendLevel3 and go down from there.”

“It's so tedious. I do my best but this game is barely hanging by a thread for me and sometimes I just can't bring myself to do the chore. Unfriend me if you need too, no foul!” chimed in SeptonHolmes.

Users of the app actually gain extra XP when their gifts are opened, which is why they want them opened right away. Gifts can hold good rewards for those who accept, including rare eggs or Stardust for leveling up. However, the rewards are a bit random, and players tend to avoid them to save space in their inventory.

While the conflict between some of these fans is humorous, the divide between hardcore players and developer Niantic is rife with strife. Over the past few years, Niantic has upped the prices for Remote Raid Passes and made certain events harder for other players. The app has also failed to add any form of accessibility options for more handicapped players.

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Pokémon GO can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

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