Pokémon fans pay tribute to a long-forgotten unpopular spin-off

pokemon fans pay tribute to a long forgotten unpopular spin-off

pokemon fans pay tribute to a long forgotten unpopular spin-off

Pokémon Ranger is often seen as an underrated spin-off and it seems like fans are finally giving this RPG its flowers. Considering how most of the franchise’s spin-offs have been regulated to mobile spin-offs, minus a few exceptions, it’s easy to see why fans are nostalgic over older entries.

This all started innocently enough when a fan on the Pokémon subreddit wondered why Pokémon Ranger isn’t looked back on enough as other spin-offs. Most fans tend to look back at Pokémon Conquest or Pokémon Coliseum when it comes to memorable spin-offs, showing just how underrated Ranger is.

Differentiating itself from other titles in the franchise, Pokémon Ranger was a unique RPG focused more on capturing critters and environmental challenges. However, it also heavily relied on the DS and its dual screens, which was seen as a bit gimmicky to some. Many feel that the Ranger series didn’t get enough love due to these factors.

“I have a feeling it was left behind since it's a series that can REALLY only work on something with a touch screen and stylus, which Nintendo might not go back to again. Which is very upsetting for multiple reasons,” said Over-Document-7657.

“Yeah I don’t think realistically they can go back to that type of game again,” replies jquiggles. “It is unfortunate because they were some good games. Shadows of Almia, specifically, is fantastic. One of my favorite spin-offs.”

On the bright side, Ranger did get two sequels on the DS in Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs. Both games were considered solid improvements over the first fame, though they still has similar gimmicks that gained criticism.

Personally, we wouldn’t mind a modern sequel or remake of Pokémon Ranger, similar to the Mystery Dungeon release on Switch. It would also fit well into the mobile space, even if fans aren’t huge on the mobile games of this franchise.

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Fans of Pokémon Ranger that want something a little bit different from the franchise should consider getting Pokémon Legends: Arceus. While using similar mechanics to the mainline RPGs, the game’s unique setting and wild Pokémon differentiate it in major ways.

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