Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo Switch launches soon, but it’s far from complete

when you can play pokemon stadium on nintendo switch

when you can play pokemon stadium on nintendo switch

Pokémon Stadium is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass later this month, to the delight of many. While the game is lacking in some fan-favorite features, there is still some enjoyment to be had with this N64 classic.

Nintendo has confirmed that this beloved spin-off will be coming to Switch Online’s Nintendo 64 service on April 12. Fans will be able to battle with all 151 Pokémon across Red, Blue, and Yellow via the in-game rental teams. Although a bit primitive when compared to modern games in the series, we’re sure this will be nostalgic to many.

On the downside, Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo Switch will not let players import their teams from Red, Blue, or Yellow. This is due to the lack of classic Pokémon games on the system, which many were hoping to see from the most recent Pokémon Presents. While rental teams are far from the worst, they don’t compare to using your critters from their games.

It’s somewhat baffling that Nintendo would release the spin-off on Switch first before their classic games. It’s kind of embarrassing since Nintendo does have a Game Boy emulator for Switch Online subscribers, which could easily play these classic games.

Hopefully, the classic Game Boy titles eventually come to Switch Online and these features are added to Pokémon Stadium. That would definitely make the game a lot more fun to play. While the spin-off is beloved by many, it’s a pretty standard experience today as it only has Pokémon battles.

Now that we’re getting the original Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo Switch, it will be interesting to see if the sequel comes as well. Pokémon Stadium 2 on N64 included all of the original monsters plus the extra hundred or so from Gold and Silver. It’s definitely a more robust experience, even if the game is just more Pokémon battles.

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For now, fans can enjoy Pokémon Stadium when it comes to Switch on April 12. Those that want more modern games can pick up Pokémon Scarlet and Violet right now.

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