Pokémon fans had no idea this major mechanic was a thing

pokemon fans had no idea this major mechanic was a thing

pokemon fans had no idea this major mechanic was a thing

A hidden feature in older Pokémon games has blown fans’ minds. Following a recent trend on Twitter about sharing “useless” gaming knowledge, thousands of Pokémon fans have only just learned about this barely-used mechanic.

Thanks to Twitter user @SourceLocator, some fans now know that you can actually cut the grass where wild Pokémon roam in older games. It was a mechanic only seen in the first three generations according to the poster, as the feature was cut (ironically) from future installments.

Cutting grass in these games is pretty simple. All players have to do is acquire HM 1, which is Cut, and use it while on the tall grass. While not a mind-blowing mechanic by any means, this has surprised a good number of fans who had no idea this feature existed.

“Had to test it out, you weren’t lying,” said @OlRandomGameR.

“Damn bro, played these games for more than a decade and never knew about this,” claims @caej__.

Though a unique feature, it’s one that doesn’t mean much in the end for Pokémon fans. Whenever you enter a building and leave, the grass grows again. Obviously, this has to be the case, since players gotta catch ‘em all in these games. At the least, they need to form a decent party to beat The Elite Four and Gary/Blue.

While it’s not the most useful skill by any means, it is a decent way to avoid wild Pokémon if you’re out of Repels. Granted, this would make for a slow journey but some fans might enjoy cutting the grass. It’s fun to cut the tall grass in Breath of the Wild after all, so why not do it in an older Pokémon game.

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Unfortunately, fans that might want to try this technique out won’t have many legal options. Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal are available on the 3DS eShop but not for long.

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