PlayStation Is Working on an Essential Tool for PSVR 2 PC Support

A white PlayStation PSVR 2 headset in front of a Steam library background
Credit: PlayStation

A white PlayStation PSVR 2 headset in front of a Steam library background
Credit: PlayStation

Since its launch early last year, the PSVR 2 hasn't been received as well as expected. While many have praised the internal specs of PlayStation's second-generation headset, sales haven't matched the quality. This is largely due to the limited content supporting PSVR 2, its high price, and its proprietary nature.

Considering that many of the best VR headsets can be used as standalone products or with a VR-ready PC, it's no surprise that PlayStation has stopped PSVR 2 sales, with he headset seemingly following the same trajectory as its predecessor. However, PlayStation announced PSVR 2 PC support earlier this year, and we could be getting it very soon.

PlayStation quietly unlocked PSVR 2 PC support after the announcement on the PlayStation blog, but there's still a major requirement—an adapter. The developers behind the unofficial PSVR 2 PC support drivers have created an adapter that provides 12V PD and splits the connection from USB-C to DisplayPort and USB3 inputs.

Fortunately, PlayStation is also aware of this essential tool. Shared by Twitter user Brad Lynch, PlayStation is currently undergoing certification in Korea for a device aptly titled "PlayStationVR2 PC adapter," which was certified on March 27, 2024.

Considering the internal hardware of the PSVR 2 versus the Meta Quest 3, the former could offer a more immersive experience thanks to the OLED display and the VR2 Sense controllers. However, the Quest 3 offers pancake lenses, which are much more comfortable than the PSVR 2's Fresnel lenses.

Unfortunately, it's unclear how much the adapter will cost. We believe a fair price would be around $25, but those buying from PlayStation Direct might get a discount or receive the adapter for free. There's also no indication of when the PSVR 2 adapter will launch, as certification does not guarantee a release date.

Regardless, we're excited to play the best PCVR games using the PSVR 2 headset, especially since console VR seems to be a dead end at this point. Hopefully, PlayStation will also bring PSVR 2-exclusive games like Synapse and the Horizon spin-off to PC.

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