PlayStation gamers rebel against PS Plus sub’s vile price hike

PlayStation gamers rebel against PS Plus sub’s vile price hike

PlayStation gamers rebel against PS Plus sub’s vile price hike

As the company’s cinema and camera businesses struggle, Sony is increasing the price of its PlayStation Plus subscription service by an large amount. Unsurprisingly, a number of fans are unhappy with the price hike, going as far as to cancel their subscription.

Thousands of fans on the PlayStation Plus subreddit revealed plans to stop paying for their online subscription in response to the recent price increase. While some are fine with the price increase, most are not.

As we reported previously, PlayStation Plus price increases are very substantial. Some tiers of the service are increasing by as much as $40, with a 35% price hike for seemingly no reason other than making up for failing sectors of Sony’s businesses.

In a Reddit post, one fan reminded others how to cancel their PlayStation Plus subscription, which was supported by thousands of others. Some users explained that they were going to downgrade their subscription to just the essential tier, but decided to just straight up cancel instead.

“I was going to downgrade to essential when my sub runs out next year,” one user explains. “But now I'm just going to cancel altogether, I'm not paying that much just for MP and a few monthly games… I'll just limit my PS5 mostly to exclusives.”

With free-to-play games available to play without a subscription, the number of premium multiplayer games to play with the PS Plus subscription is smaller than it was last generation. With this in mind, the only games that really require a PS Plus subscription are the annual Call of Duty games and Battlefield titles.

“Already canceled, honestly getting games on sale is a better long term proposition for me. I don't play multiplayer, I have a backlog, sorry Sony but you screwed up,” said one commenter. “If anything, it made me realize I don't use PS Plus much, and the games I get free every month largely remain unplayed. So yeah, I canceled too,” followed up another.

The common consensus within the PlayStation Plus community is a hope that the fanbase sticks together until Sony decides to walk back its massive price hike. With such a vast difference in the price before and after its recent increase, PlayStation fans are holding that there will be at least some leniency on the proposed price hike.

At the time of writing, PlayStation has not released any statement on the response to its recent announcement. Judging by the company’s prior history of controversy, we don’t expect them too, either.

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