PlayStation Plus prices astronomically rise on Starfield’s release date

PlayStation Plus prices astronomically rise on Starfield’s release date

PlayStation Plus prices astronomically rise on Starfield’s release date

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If you were enjoying having money to spare, PlayStation is here to forcefully rip it out of your hands. Following a year of smash hits and runaway success via console sales, PlayStation Plus prices are being increased for no good reason.

For those who just want to use the “Essential” tier of PlayStation Plus, you’ll be subject to a $20 increase in your annual subscription. The price of PS Plus Essential will jump from $60 to $80, and that’s not even the worst part.

The PlayStation Plus Extra plan, an added bonus that features a library of games to choose from (like a mini Game Pass) has also seen a price hike. This service used to $100, but a $35 price jump means it now costs a whopping $135 a year.

Finally, PlayStation Plus Premium has also been made significantly more expensive. The most expensive service gives players access to all PS Plus Extra bonuses with the addition of PS1 and PS2 classics to play. (Albeit not all of them, just a selection.) This service has been increased by $40, jumping from $120 to $160.

Sony is planning to launch the new pricing for PlayStation Plus next month on September 6th, the same day Starfield launches on Xbox Game Pass. For those who are currently subscribed, your annual package won’t be increased until it needs to be renewed.

The PlayStation Plus price hike is aimed at taking effect globally, significantly increasing PlayStation gamers’ costs around the world. Sony claims that this massive jump in price will allow it to “continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits”.

PlayStation’s price increase comes after reports of Sony’s other businesses falling behind due to poor camera sales, film worker strikes and other issues. With the company’s other sectors performing worse than expected, all eyes are on PlayStation to bring in more revenue, especially with the launch of Spider-Man 2.

Additionally, a new PlayStation SKU is also on the way with a PS5 Slim leaked online prior to Sony’s eventual announcement. With new hardware, brand new games and more, does Sony really need to increase the price of its online service?

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