PlayStation 5 Slim model is only ‘5cm’ smaller than the base system

PlayStation 5 Slim model is only ‘5cm’ smaller than the base system

PlayStation 5 Slim model is only ‘5cm’ smaller than the base system

An independent PlayStation developer has reportedly seen the long-rumoured PlayStation 5 Slim, and it’s allegedly not much smaller than the current model.

According to reverse engineer developer BWE_Dev on Twitter, the upcoming PlayStation 5 Sim model is disappointing. Not only does the new model have very little changes or improvements, it’s also barely smaller.

In one post, BWE_Dev calls the new model “a little bit sh*t”. Additionally, the new model is allegedly quite “boring” compared to the slimmed down versions of the PS3 and PS4 consoles.

The developer did reveal that there are some design changes compared to the base model to make it look nicer in the home. For example, the base system’s bulbous disc drive has been toned down in the new hardware.

“I would say its [sic] about 5cm or so shorter, not much thinner. Weird curve in the middle with smaller vents,” the developer said. “The BD drive is less curved so it looks weird. Has two ugly black slits on each side of the case. Dual USB-C on the front. Stupid embossed [PlayStation symbols] on the rear.”

In a follow up comment, the developer did say that the hardware was just a prototype model when they saw it. However, it could also be a final design ready to launch sometime next year.

A PlayStation 5 Slim is allegedly not the only system in the works at Sony. Alongside the disappointing Project Q handheld, the company is also reportedly working on a PlayStation 5 Pro console.

While publishers are not sold on the idea of a PS5 Pro, it seems that Sony is trying to fulfill its promise of 8K gaming with more powerful hardware. Despite this, the console’s biggest competitor Microsoft isn’t making a more powerful Xbox Series console in response.

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