Plants vs Zombies 3 soft launches around the world after a decade of waiting

plants vs zombies 3 soft launch
Credit: EA

plants vs zombies 3 soft launch
Credit: EA

EA and PopCap have soft-launched Plants vs Zombies 3, after a decade of nothing from the series, outside of the Neighborville games. The mobile game is currently available in a set number of countries, with plans for a worldwide launch soon, probably after discovering bugs from this soft launch.

Plants vs Zombies 3: Welcome to Zomburbia has soft-launched in the following countries: the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, and the Philippines. Fans of the series can expect classic strategic gameplay where they use living plants and their various abilities to stop the zombies from invading.

As expected, this soft launch period is being done to gain player feedback and fix any bugs before the worldwide release. This is a pretty common tactic for releasing mobile games, though we are surprised to see it done for a property like Plants vs Zombies.

The game’s press release claims that this is going to be a more story-driven entry, with an episodic narrative set in Neighborville once again. Details on the actual story weren’t given, but we can probably expect something wacky since this is a game where plants fight zombies.

Not a lot of new features were announced for Plants vs Zombies 3, though the press release does mention new puzzle-adventure elements in addition to the battles. Veteran fans can also expect to see some new plants added to the mix, which should add some variety for those who have mastered the previous titles.

Plants vs Zombies was a runaway hit when it first arrived, dominating PC and mobile sales before eventually coming to various consoles. Its sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2 also did fairly well, streamlining the gameplay a bit and gaining even more fans. Not long after, EA made the console spin-off Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, which was recently ported to Nintendo Switch.

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Expect more news on Plants vs Zombies 3 when the game eventually gets its worldwide release. For now, fans in the countries mentioned above can enjoy the soft launch and give their thoughts on the anticipated sequel.

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