Popular VTuber quits streaming over Hogwarts Legacy backlash

pikamee vtuber quits streaming over hogwarts legacy backlash

A popular VTuber has announced that she is retiring after canceling a Hogwarts Legacy stream. This has led to plenty of speculation and anger across the internet, along with some confusing revelations fuelled by backlash against the game.

Pikamee, the VTuber in question, canceled a stream of the controversial Harry Potter RPG last month. While Pikamee didn’t state why her stream would be canceled, many assumed it was due to some of the backlash she received after the initial announcement.

Since the cancelation of the Hogwarts Legacy stream, Pikamee hasn’t posted anything on social media for three weeks. Yesterday, Pikamee announced that she would be retiring from VTubing, resulting in a lot of confusion and anger from her fans. Unfortunately, this has also led to some transphobic remarks, with many blaming the trans community for forcing Pikamee’s retirement.

Making all of this even weirder is that VOMS Project, the VTuber’s agency, announced that she would be “graduating” from VTubing. Obviously, this seemed like a way to cushion her retirement and make it seem more planned than it actually was. That didn’t help, as many of her fans continued to show frustration over her treatment.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen streamers affected by Hogwarts Legacy. Girlfriend Reviews, a fairly popular YouTube channel, famously took a break after people in the chat expressed their disappointment in the stream. Despite one of them supposedly crying, they continued to stream for six more hours.

It really is a shame to see this magical RPG packed to the brim with controversy. Granted, most of us saw this coming since J.K. Rowling can’t keep her politics to herself but seeing other people affected by it is just as disappointing. People get attacked for playing it and people get attacked for not wanting to play it, there’s no winning here.

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Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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