PhotoAI software creates fake Tinder profile pictures for anyone online

an ai generated image of a tinder profile picture by

an ai generated image of a tinder profile picture by

Struggling to make waves in the dating scene? Well a new AI photo tool aims to make dating just a tad bit easier via artificial intelligence enhanced profile pictures!

Using artificial intelligence, you’ll now be able to make fake dating profile pictures of yourself. If you struggle to take interesting pics of yourself for social media, this may be your saving grace.

Dubbed photoAI, the new AI image technology will take your crap selfies and turn them into more usable images. But just what type of images can you get?

Explained on the services website, photoAI allows you to pick from multiple packs. These packs are all different AI models trained to turn create an image of you in a particular style.

For example, the service’s Polaroid Pack takes around ten photos of you and then builds images of you in the style of an 80s Polaroid picture. A perfect fit for VSCO girls… if that’s still a thing.

Of course, the service isn’t only available for those who are looking for fish in the sea. One of the service’s other packs is designed expressly for LinkedIn, the “LinkedIn Pack’ generates 30 images based on a neural net of professional businessman images.

There are also more fun options to play with if you’re simply bored and have money to burn. One option has the AI generate you next to a celebrity of your choosing; another simply puts your face into a scene from an iconic movie.

One of the main dangers surrounding AI images is how they can be used for nefarious means, and photoAI’s generations could be used for wrongdoing. Online phishing on dating services is commonplace, and AI images allow someone to create a profile that cannot be reverse image searched, boosting the success rate of their scam.

Hopefully, these cheap-and-nasty tools won’t be used by ne'er-do-wells, but they probably will be. While it’s a fun tool for some, it can always be exploited by others.

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