Crypto scammers are now perusing dating websites for easy targets

Some would say that cryptocurrency is a scam all unto itself. However, ever-present crypto scammers are leaving email campaigns and twitter spam for a new trick: dating websites. Instead of finding the perfect partner, you might find a bunch of debt!

Crypto scammers are flooding dating sites

Reported by Popsci, the FBI has released a PSA warning would-be lovers about those pesky scammers. The PSA reveals that over 1,800 complaints have been made in the last seven months regarding dating website crypto scams.

After an investigation, it seems that the scams have resulted in colossal losses for the victims. An estimated $133.4 million has been taken by the scam artists by tricking unaware users into “investing” or “trading” crypto.

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How does the scam work?

Much like any scam involving dating websites, this scam involves establishing an online relationship. The scam artists create a faux identity complete with pictures and craft relationships with unbeknownst singles looking for love.

Once the scammer has built up a strong enough relationship, they ask the victim to invest in crypto. Scammers lead victims to a fake website where they can allow them to make a one-time withdrawal at a profit. However, as the victim continually invests, giving the scammers more money, their right to withdraw is revoked.

Popsci compares the scam to the all-time hustle classic: Nigerian Prince emails. Honestly, it's not surprising. As far as scams go, relationship scams are high up on the stealing-your-cash tier list. With that said, if anyone online ever asks you for anything, it's a smart idea to say, “hmm, nah”.

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