Xbox’s Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already and I’m well jealous

Xbox’s Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already and I’m well jealous

Xbox’s Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already and I’m well jealous

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The charismatic head of Xbox Gaming Phil Spencer is now in my bad books. Xbox’s beloved 55-year-old executive is already playing Starfield more than a month before we can, I’m well jealous.

While all of us have to wait until September 6th to play Starfield, or September 1st for Deluxe Edition owners, Phil Spencer and co are already diving deep into Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG.

Spotted by Xbox fan and Phil Spencer Xbox account watcher Idle Sloth, a number of Xbox employees are already playing Starfield while we spend our time counting down the days until its release.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Spencer has been able to play Starfield. In fact, Spencer has likely played numerous builds of the game over its two-year delay to fix bugs. However, so close to release, Spencer is likely knee-deep in the game’s final — or close to final — build, blowing up enemy ships and using the periodic table to understand its elements.

In fact, Spencer isn’t the only one playing Starfield prior to release. Bethesda Softworks’ head of PR Pete Hines is also deep in the studio’s latest RPG; Hines was seen playing the game at the exact same time as Spencer.

During a time where only Starfield’s creative director Todd Howard is allowed to discuss the game, we’re all foaming at the mouth for just a hit of that sweet, sweet sci-fi game. We’re shivering under our blankets waiting for our next shot at the game.

Well, Phil Spencer, we hope you enjoy your time playing Starfield! After all, if Spencer is having fun exploring the vast cosmos of Bethesda’s sci-fi galaxy, we’ll also likely have fun, and that’s the most important part: our enjoyment.

Starfield is shaping up to be an absolutely colossal release for Xbox when it launches on September 6th. Available Day One on Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming, Bethesda’s RPG will be something huge.

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