Payday 3 will finally let you heist offline, eventually

Three masked gunmen performing a heist in payday 3

Three masked gunmen performing a heist in payday 3

With its predecessor currently stealing the limelight with huge player numbers, Starbreeze’s underwhelming Payday 3 has been deemed a failure. However, new updates will hopefully make the game somewhat good, with Starbreeze even planning to introduce an offline mode.

Payday 3 somehow botched its launch twice due to its always-online DRM. Since launch, updates have been delayed and the Payday 3 roadmap for new DLC has barely been touched.

In a blog post reveal for Operation Medic Bag, Starbreeze revealed plans to save Payday 3. Across 2024, multiple key areas of the game will be improved - or at least attempted to be improved - to make it the game fans have waited years for.

One of these improvements is the addition of an offline mode with “solo play” features. While few details were shared, fans will be able to enjoy the game’s heists in a solo capacity with AI friendlies. However, Starbreeze has yet to reveal a release window for the new mode.

Alongside the new Payday 3 offline mode, Starbreeze announced that the multiplayer heist game will also be receiving a horde of stability, matchmaking and quality of life improvements to make the game more playable.

For example, the online heist game will benefit from a quick play feature as daily activities, progression changes, loadout remapping and more. Furthermore, players will be able to benefit from the addition of new content in more reliable cadences.

Payday 3 was a disappointment on launch, and it’s no wonder the second game in the series has drastically more active players right now than its successor. It doesn’t help that Payday 2 still maintains a hardcore fanbase, one that still received new content just weeks before Payday 3’s launch.

Lump in the fact that Payday 3’s console ports were met with a lot of worry before launch, us included, it’s no wonder the third game has struggled to garner sales. It also doesn’t help that its predecessor is often available for just a few quid, if not for free, every few months.

Payday 3 is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC.

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