Pavlov Shack's free state ends as the VR shooter finally launches

The cover image for Pavlov Shack
Credit: Vankrupt Games

The cover image for Pavlov Shack
Credit: Vankrupt Games

After making its initial early-access launch in 2021, Vankrupt Games' Pavlov Shack is finally prepped and ready for a full release next month on November 14. As per the dev's founder and CEO, the store release was imminent, which has now come to fruition.

Pavlov Shack is a VR first-person shooter modelled very much like Counter-Strike and has seen plenty of success since its early access launch. A Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 port of the popular PC game, Pavlov Shack has been heralded as one of VR’s best

With 65 interactable weapons and attachments and a bunch of different maps to immerse yourself in, the team at Vankrupt proudly boast being a multiplayer shooter with realistic weapon handling.

The imminence of the store release was announced some time ago back in August, but given it's been two years since the early access period started, fans of the game have been patient with its development. While a full release is generally a great thing, it will come with a price tag for the first time.

So what does this mean for fans of the FPS? Well, you'll have to dust the cobwebs from your wallets, as the game will no longer be free to play. Once the full launch hits, players will be able to purchase and download Pavlov Shack for £20 on Meta from November 14, 2023. If you get in early and pre-order, you'll get a handy little 25% discount. It is worth noting that from launch, the game won't support Meta Quest 1, but will be compatible with Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3 devices.

The news of Pavlov Shack's full release will undoubtedly invoke some mixed reactions from fans. While the game's Beta has been highly regarded in its reviews, it may irritate some gamers that only now, two years after reaching App Lab, they'll need to fork out cash to get the most out of the title.

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