Paramount’s official Deep Space 9 sequel isn’t what fans really want

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is one of the most beloved shows in the entire franchise. However, the series has remained fairly self-contained in the midst of constant reboots and sequels. Despite this, an official Star Trek: Deep Space 9 sequel is arriving… but it’s not what you want.

Deep Space 9 sequel comes to comics

Revealed by IDW Publishing, an all-new comic book series will follow on from the ending of Star Trek: DS9. While the ending of the series had a rather definitive ending for protagonist Benjamin Sisko, this comic series has decided to pick things back up for a sequel.

In the Deep Space 9 sequel, Benjamin Sisko returns through the wormhole he was seen protecting in the series finale. While he became the prophet and protector of the wormhole at the end of the show, he has mysteriously returned.

“‘Why don’t they make a DEEP SPACE NINE sequel?!?’ Good news, folks. We’re doing it,” said writer Jackson Lanzing. “𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥 𝗧𝗥𝗘𝗞 #𝟭. Benjamin Sisko is back - with a new crew, a new ship, and a new mission from the Prophets.”

Benjamin Sisko is not alone in the new comic. In fact, the comic series will be bringing in characters from every era of Star Trek. However, it looks like the Deep Space 9 sequel is favouring The Next Generation characters.

For example, the cover of Issue #1 features both Dr. Beverley Crusher and Data, a character that should be dead after the events of DS9. (Although modern Star Trek media does love reviving Data.)

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Is it canon?

One of the biggest questions surrounding the new Deep Space 9 sequel is whether or not the comics are canon. As is the case with nearly all modern Trek projects, it is absolutely canon with the Prime Timeline.

This means that the new comic is not an alternate timeline. If you enjoyed the ending of DS9 and don’t agree with the return of Sisko — well, there’s nothing we can do about that.

“Every comic we do is considered continuity,” said IDW Senior Editor Heather Antos. “We work closely with Paramount to keep things in track [with film/TV].”

It is rather upsetting that Paramount is messing with the perfect ending of DS9. However, it’s far from surprising considering the nature of which Trek sequels have been treated in the past.

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