Star Trek Kelvin Timeline TV show reportedly coming to Paramount

Back in 2009, Star Trek was split into two major timelines. The original series, and most Star Trek content, is part of the Prime timeline. However, the J.J. Abrams movies are set in the alternate Star Trek Kelvin Timeline.

Outside of three movies and some comic books, the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline is remarkably barren. However, that may soon change with an upcoming TV show from Paramount.

A Star Trek Kelvin timeline show?

According to a report from Giant Freaking Robot, Paramount is looking to revive the Kelvin Timeline in a host of new projects. After the movie trilogy failed to make an impression amongst Trekkies, this could be an attempt to repair its reputation.

The report claims that Paramount is looking to create a TV show inside the Kelvin universe. For background, every Star Trek show (even Discovery) has been kept directly in the original timeline.

It’s not states whether or not the new show will be a follow-up to the movies or a prequel. Considering the high-profile cast of the movies, it seems unlikely that the show would be able to follow those characters.

Instead, any Star Trek Kelvin timeline show would likely revolve around a new cast. With this in mind, it seems silly that Paramount wouldn’t just set the series in the Prime universe. After all, it’s finally getting good again.

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Does this even make sense?

The issue with Paramount creating a series set in the Kelvin timeline is that it simply doesn’t make much sense to do so. Yes, the Chris Pine movies were fairly popular. However, the fans of those movies were captured by the cast, not so much the new lore.

However, Paramount is looking to make a fourth entry in its Kelvin timeline movies. If this show is a tie-in with that movie, it could make more sense, but may end up being confusing to some.

Then again, Paramount is known for making very stupid decisions. Yes, we’re talking about five seasons of Discovery…. And three seasons of Picard… and Into Darkness. At least we have Strange New Worlds.

In any case, we usually welcome new Star Trek content. However, we just hope it’s at the quality that Strange New Worlds is instead of, well, Picard.

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