Overwatch 2 review-bombed to oblivion after Steam launch

Overwatch 2 review-bombed to oblivion after Steam launch

Overwatch 2 review-bombed to oblivion after Steam launch

The massively popular hero shooter Overwatch 2 is finally available on Steam, and gamers aren’t having it. After years of only being available on the Battle Net launcher, the game’s Steam launch has resulted in nothing but review bombs.

Less than 24 hours after the game’s Steam launch, Overwatch 2 has over 27,000 reviews on the PC gaming platform. However, nearly all of those reviews are negative, putting the game into the platform’s most disliked games ever.

At the time of writing, just over 15% of reviews on Overwatch 2’s Steam page are positive. Despite this, over 50,000 players are enjoying the game concurrently right this moment. While it may be heavily review bombed, the game’s popularity speaks for itself.

The majority of negative reviews for Overwatch 2 on Steam are not without fact. Many point out the game’s predatory microtransactions, poor event structure and the fact that the original, paid game was killed to push everyone into the new title.

“Paid for this back in 2016,” reads one review. “[Was] promised [a] full roster of heroes then they pull this BS with OW2 and now [I] need to pay for full roster of heroes instead of being grandfathered in. No thanks.”

“Overwatch 2 has no respect for you, it's an attempt to pry open your wallet while masquerading as the game it used to be,” reads another review.

Other players also had an issue with the fact that Overwatch 2 launched with the promise of a free PvE mode and single-player content after killing the original game. Not only has this content been heavily cut down, but players are also now expected to pay for it.

“They should make a sequel that includes the whole PvE experience we were promised with skill trees and call it Overwatch 2,” a Steam review points out.

Despite these complaints, there are still positive reviews for Overwatch 2 on Steam. While a majority of the reviews are jokes, mostly discussing the game’s large fandom of adult videos, some players are happy that they no longer need to use the old Battle Net launcher to play.

Overwatch 2 is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC as a free-to-play experience.

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