OnePlus unveils its first smartwatch for £149

OnePlus unveiled its first smartwatch today alongside the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones during an online conference. 

The OnePlus Watch is the company’s first foray into wearable tech and will cost £149. 

OnePlus will release two different versions of the watch. Consumers can get their hands, or more aptly, their arms around a standard version and also a limited-edition version which is available in cobalt alloy.

The OnePlus Watch will launch on April 14th, and will be available from the OnePlus website. 


The smartwatch’s case measures in at 46mm and houses two buttons on its side, one of which has the OnePlus branding on it. Sitting center in that display is a 1.39-inch OLED panel with 326 pixels per inch.

When it launches, customers can order the OnePlus Watch in two colours, silver and black. 

Internally, the OnePlus Watch houses 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and battery that can last up to two weeks with typical usage. 

The limited-edition version will launch in cobalt alloy, which is twice as hard as stainless steel. This extra durable version of the watch does not have a release date, and OnePlus hasn’t released pricing information yet.


The OnePlus Watch arrives with many of the features consumers have come to expect from a smartwatch, including the ability to take voice calls, control music and track fitness. On the music front, users can download up to 500 songs to play directly from the watch. 

OnePlus are also focusing on OnePlus TV integration, building in features like TV control. If you fall asleep while watching a OnePlusTV, the watch will automatically turn the TV off for you. 

Fitness tracking is another key feature of the OnePlus Watch, offering users the ability to track workouts, stress, heart rate, bloody oxygen saturation and sleep. The watch also comes pre-installed with over 110 workouts, including a parkour mode, if that’s your thing. 

The OnePlus Watch will not use Wear OS, meaning there won’t be any third-party apps available for the time being. This means app and theme selection will be what OnePlus provides, at least for now. OnePlus has also confirmed its intention to build an iOS app for Apple users. 

The OnePlus watch will launch on April 14th on the OnePlus website, and will cost $159.

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