Official Pokémon TikTok releases swear-filled video featuring mascot Pikachu

Pokémon TikTok featuring pikachu swearing let’s go explicit logo

Pokémon TikTok featuring pikachu swearing let’s go explicit logo

Nintendo’s family-friendly monster-catching franchise Pokémon has been put on the naughty step after releasing a swear-filled video on TikTok. The cutesy IP behemoth released a video to its avid followers that saw adorable mascot Pikachu dancing to some rather explicit music.

The official Pokémon TikTok channel boasts a massive following of over 3.7 million. While the channel often releases trailers and other official media, it often releases videos of its mascots dancing to popular sounds on the social media app.

However, one video saw the mascots dancing to a rather surprising song. The offending video sees Pikachu dancing around Lucario as an explicit version of “If you’re happy and you know it” plays.

“If you’re f**king happy and you motherf**king know it, clap your motherf**king hands,” the song says. Pikachu responds by clapping his hands. The song continues and Pikachu dances on key. You can watch the video below.

In no time at all, the video was removed from the official Pokémon TikTok account, but not before users were able to download the video. Within minutes, the clip was downloaded and shared on a variety of social media platforms, immortalised forever.

The official Pokémon social media push wasn’t just relegated to TikTok, oh no. In fact, the short clip was also shared on the brand’s official Japanese YouTube channel where it was seen by thousands of fans.

With a brand as family friendly as Pokémon, it’s surprising to see content such as this not vetted before publishing. However, as the video was made by the Japanese team, and the original audio is blisteringly fast, they likely had no idea it was as offensive as it is.

Pokémon has been in hot water recently for the release of its most recent games, Scarlet and Violet. While the games are still fun experiences, their horrendous technical issues saw hundreds of fans requesting refunds.

There will no doubt be a large amount of complaining surrounding the Pokémon TikTok, presumably by parents,

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