Nvidia Steam Deck rival aims to push AMD out of the handheld game

Nvidia CEO holding a steam deck on stage

Nvidia CEO holding a steam deck on stage

AI and GPU giant Nvidia is looking to smaller horizons as it aims to tackle the Steam Deck market. With countless PC gaming handhelds coming out of the woodwork, Nvidia is keen to get its hardware into smaller, portable devices.

The Steam Deck and ROG Ally are the most popular handheld gaming PCs on the market, and both use AMD technology to run games. While Nvidia does have experience making handheld hardware — the Nintendo Switch 2 specs will use a new Nvidia SoC — the company is less used to the market than AMD.

Via YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, Nvidia is working internally on a new handheld PC prototype. The company is said to be “getting serious about making more handheld gaming devices with their graphics IP.”

Over the past decade, handheld gaming PCs from companies such as AYANEO and GPD have predominantly used AMD or Intel SoCs due to their powerful integrated graphics chips. Combined with the fact that a lot of these chips are designed for laptops and other low-power devices, both companies have cornered the handheld market.

However, with Nvidia’s powerful in-house technology, we could see a breakout handheld in the near future. As the Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly uses hardware accelerated ray-tracing and DLSS image reconstruction, these technologies could be implemented into the new PC handheld.

According to the report, Nvidia doesn’t want to miss out on the current trend of PC handhelds. With the huge success of the Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED, there’s a huge demand for PC gaming on the go.

“Nvidia is worried they’re missing a boat here and I have been told directly that they are looking into working with somebody on a premium handheld gaming device,” the YouTuber revealed.


Unfortunately, we don’t currently know what brand Nvidia is teaming up with to create their upcoming handheld. Considering Microsoft’s Xbox brand is powered by AMD, it likely won’t be them. However, a future MSI Claw or Lenovo Legion GO could take advantage of Nvidia tech in the future.

Moore’s Law is Dead does have a rather decent track record, although not everything the YouTuber has revealed has come true. However, they do have some curious reports, including an upcoming PSVita successor that can natively play PS4 games.

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