No Man’s Sky player numbers skyrocket after Starfield launch

no man's sky player numbers skyrocket after starfield launch
Credit: Hello Games/Bethesda

no man's sky player numbers skyrocket after starfield launch
Credit: Hello Games/Bethesda

The popularity of Starfield has seemingly made fans crave for more sci-fi exploration in their current gaming habits. Interestingly, this seems to have made gamers go back to No Man’s Sky, resulting in its largest player base in years.

Sean Murray, the founder of developer Hello Games, took to Twitter to thank fans for the game’s biggest month in seven years. Murray has said this is the best month for the game in all systems, including the recently-released Nintendo Switch version.

While no reason was given as to why players suddenly decided to try the game, most have assumed Starfield is partially responsible. The fact that Murray says “welcome to the community” only furthers that line of thought, hinting that newer players wanted to give this a shot.

Both No Man’s Sky and Starfield have very similar themes but are very different. No Man’s Sky is a big mesh of genres, with exploration and randomly generated worlds being the key appeal. Meanwhile, Starfield is more Fallout or Skyrim in space, which is exactly what Bethesda fans wanted.

Sean Murray of Hello Games thanks fans for playing No Man's Sky.
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Credit: Sean Murray (Twitter)

Many fans will remember how No Man’s Sky originally released in a rushed state, with barely anything to do. To their credit, Hello Games kept working on the sci-fi exploration sim and it’s now a great title for those that love traveling to planets. It aso basically started giving gamers hope for games that were rushed at launch, though it’s still the outlier in that regard.

Despite having some of the typical Bethesda bugs, fans are currently loving what they can do in Starfield. While the walking speed might be too slow and the UI could use some work, this is still the culmination of everything Bethesda has made thus far. Official mod support is also coming next year.

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No Man’s Sky and Starfield are now readily available on most modern game systems.

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