Switch Pro rumoured to cost $399 and will support 4K via NVIDIA DLSS

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The long-rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro will reportedly offer player 4K visuals when docked through NVIDIA's DLSS technology, according to Bloomberg.

This will be made possible through an upgraded SoC made by NVIDIA. The chip will include an improved CPU and more RAM than the base Switch currently offers.

Alongside this report, Bloomberg also predicted the price point for the Switch Pro, which it believes could cost around $399.

"$349.99 will increase the value proposition of the device," said Bloomberg's Matthew Kanterman. "But I still think Nintendo can drive strong demand even at $399.99."

How will the Switch Pro run in 4K?

The base Nintendo Switch is not a powerful console, even when compared to the Xbox One and PS4.

The Switch Pro is set to change that through an upgrade to its current Tegra X1 chip, and its 4GB of RAM.

With this new power, the Switch Pro will be able to utilise NVIDIA's DLSS technology. DLSS - or Deep Learning Super Sampling - allows for efficient image upscaling without requiring the most powerful hardware.

Latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumours

Rumours of DLSS and 4K support for the Switch Pro surfaced earlier this year, along with a further insight into the upgrades the Switch may receive.

The Switch Pro will reportedly feature a 7-inch OLED screen, replacing the 6.2-inch LCD found in the base model. This should deliver higher quality visuals without consuming too much power, but will also allegedly run at 720p.

Reports also suggested the Nintendo Switch Pro may receive some exclusive titles that are unable to run on the base Nintendo Switch, although this is unconfirmed. If true, we'd expect these to be third-party titles rather than Nintendo exclusives.

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Could Final Fantasy 7 Remake be exclusive to the Switch Pro?

When will the Nintendo Switch Pro release?

As with most rumours in the video games industry, the company in question - Nintendo - has remained silent on Nintendo Switch Pro speculation.

Bloomberg said the Switch Pro is slated for a late-2021 release, based on comments from "people familiar with the matter", although previous reports have also speculated it could be pushed back until early 2022.

As for the reveal date, all the current signs point to a Nintendo Direct during E3. E3 is scheduled for June 15-17, although Nintendo may prefer to host its own show instead.

However, the Nintendo Switch Lite, which released in September 2019, was not revealed at E3 2019 but a month later in its own video.

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