Nintendo Switch 2 is already prepared to crush scalpers

Pokémon Trainer, Isabelle, and Samus Aran jumping out of the Nintendo switch

Pokémon Trainer, Isabelle, and Samus Aran jumping out of the Nintendo switch

Following the original console’s scalper-abused launch, the Nintendo Switch 2 launch will reportedly have millions of units prepared to fight stock issues.

With scalpers even going as far as to buy Apple Vision Pro headsets to sell at a markup, the Nintendo Switch 2 is bound to be a hot item. However, Nintendo is preparing the system’s launch to include 10 million shipped units to make sure everyone who wants the new console will be able to get one.

According to Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki, the Nintendo Switch 2 release will see 10 million units shipping during the launch year. After the PS5 stock issues and Xbox Series supply problems during the 2020 global chip shortage, Nintendo is reportedly in a position to avoid all supply issues.

“Display shipment data suggest Nintendo would make 10M+ of next-gen console in initial FY. Unlike PS5 and XSX/S that faced chip shortages at launch, Nintendo's would be much easier to find at stores.”

Mochizuki also commented on the fact that the Nintendo Switch 2 specs reveal an 8-inch LCD screen instead of a much-wanted OLED panel. Similar to the original system, it seems that a future version of the product will have an OLED screen, but not the launch model.

“About OLED version, Omdia says not ‘for this year’”, the reporter said.

The Nintendo Switch 2 release date is pegged for this year, although Nintendo have yet to reveal it. With dev kits in the hands of hundreds of developers, and tech demos revealing support for DLSS, ray-tracing and more, the new handheld/console hybrid is set to be another slam dunk for Nintendo.

Alongside the new handheld, support for the current Nintendo Switch is expected to continue for a while. This includes cross-gen first-party releases — likely the long-dormant Metroid Prime 4 — as well as new third-party games.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on Nintendo Switch 2 backward compatibility. Judging by the company’s long support of the feature on systems such as the Wii U, 3DS and Game Game Boy Advance, the ability to play old Switch games on Switch 2 is expected.

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