Nintendo Switch 2 Pro Controller leaked in Super Mario Wonder promo

Elephant Mario from Super Mario Wonder next to the Nintendo Switch 2 Pro Controller

Nintendo may have sneakily teased the Nintendo Switch 2 Pro Controller in its latest advertisement for Super Mario Wonder.

With the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 scheduled for a 2024 release, the ray-tracing capable handheld is quickly approaching its official reveal. Alongside a new expensive body, the next-gen console is expected to have an all-new controller, and Nintendo may have let it slip already.

In a Twitter post advertising the new Super Mario Wonder, an all-new Nintendo controller can be seen. Listed amongst the standard joy-con and Nintendo Switch dock, a never-before-seen Pro Controller design is front and center.

While slightly similar in shape to the original Switch’s Pro Controller, the mysterious new pad is definitely new. For example, the Nintendo Switch 2 Pro Controller follows a squarer design with curved sides for holding. While button placement seems identical, the square base of the controller is very different.

An advert for Super Mario Bros Wonder with Nintendo Switch 2 pro controller
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The addition of this controller in Super Mario Bros Wonder’s promotional images is likely not a fabrication. Nintendo has an official design for the current version of the Pro Controller, and uses it often. As for why this new controller design has been shown so early, that’s a question for marketing.

Fans immediately noticed the brand new design for the Nintendo Switch 2 Pro Controller. While some believe the design is to show a kiosk version of the current Pro Controller, others are convinced it’s for Nintendo’s next system.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is currently the worst kept secret in the games industry, at least now that Sony’s PS5 Slim has been revealed. With dev kits out in the wild and tech demos discussed online, the next-gen Nintendo handheld is most assuredly read and coming soon.

While there have been some rather rancid mockups of the upcoming machine, Nintendo Switch 2 design leaks have yet to surface. However, the upcoming console is expected to look fairly similar to, albeit a bit bigger than, the current version of the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is scheduled to launch in 2024. No launch titles have been announced.

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