Nintendo kills PAC-MAN 99, proving there's no reason to get NSO

nintendo kills pac-man 99 no reason to get nso

PAC-MAN 99 will be meeting the same fate as Super Mario Bros. 35, proving there isn’t much reason to get an NSO (Nintendo Switch Online) account. While fans will probably keep theirs for the sake of online play and emulation of older titles, the cancelation of these NSO-exclusive titles is eye-opening.

Nintendo announced that the hit online game will be de-listed from NSO this coming October. Upcoming months will slowly remove the game’s paid features as well, including custom themes in August and Mode Unlock in September, the latter of which unlocks offline play to the game.

There is a bright side to all of this, as players who purchased Mode Unlock for PAC-MAN 99 can keep playing offline after the game is removed. It’s a minor victory at best since the game’s main appeal was multiplayer. Plus, there are already a number of PAC-MAN games players can enjoy on Switch like PAC-MAN Museum+ and Championship Edition 2.

Unsurprisingly, seeing another NSO exclusive removed like this is bringing back unpleasant memories of Super Mario Bros. 35 getting removed. Many fans enjoyed the fast-paced platforming battle royale, making Mario feel fresh and unique. The fact Nintendo chose to remove it at the same time the 3D All-Stars collection was de-listed continues to anger players.

With PAC-MAN 99 leaving and Mario 35 gone, the only NSO-exclusive game left is Tetris 99. It seems that Nintendo doesn’t want to let this title go, as the game is still fairly popular with users. The fact that it has lasted this long without getting de-listed is a miracle, especially since Tetris Effect: Connected recently came to Switch.

Honestly, it's hard to feel too positive about NSO right now, though we are happy that the service will be maintained for Switch 2. However, Nintendo really needs to do more to make this service worth paying for.

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Nintendo Switch owners now have until October 8 to enjoy PAC-MAN 99. Users can pick up the Mode Unlock DLC for $14.99.

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