New PS5 controller holds and charges wireless earbuds while you play

A close up of PlayStation mascot Miles Morales

A close up of PlayStation mascot Miles Morales

A new PlayStation 5 controller will be able to hold and charge wireless earbuds to use during gaming, according to a new patent.

Reported by GameRant, a new patent filed by PlayStation details a new controller that stores a pair of wireless earphones inside itself. Whilst there, the PlayStation earphones can be charged by using the controller’s internal battery.

In the patent, multiple different places are shown as potential places to hold the earbuds. One example shows the earphones hiding under the DualSense controller’s touchpad. This means that Sony has yet to decide where it wants to store the earphones in its new PS5 controller.

Alongside holding earbuds, the new controller would make it easier to pair the wireless audio devices to the PS5 console. The patent describes being able to pair the controller to a console and having the earphones automatically connect to the console the controller case is paired to. Furthermore, the controller will be able to show the battery life of the earphones.

A patent for the new PlayStation 5 controller that holds earbuds
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“The controller is designed to act both as an input device and as a headphone storage, charging and connection case,” the patent reads. “Using the controller as a headphone case and an earbud charger eliminates the need to manage two separate devices. This simplifies the overall user experience as the user has one less device to manage communication with the gaming device.”

Sony’s patent comes just after its reveal of new PlayStation-focused earbuds. The InZone Buds — new earphones that support the PlayStation’s 3D audio — are similar in concept to the earbuds that could be stored inside the patented controller.

PlayStation is also working on a new cloud gaming handheld: the PlayStation Portal. While it may not be the new PSP most fans wanted, it’s already selling out on pre-orders.

The idea of a PlayStation controller that holds and charges earbuds is very interesting. However, the current state of the DualSense controller already has issues with poor battery life, a long-running issue for PlayStation controllers. If Sony can fix this one glaring issue, why not shove some earphones inside a controller?

The PlayStation 5 is currently available to purchase online; a new PS5 Slim launches later this year.

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