Meta Quest 3's Stunning Update Proves Why It Bests Apple Vision Pro

Close-up of the front of the Meta Quest 3 with the front cameras on show
Credit: Meta

Close-up of the front of the Meta Quest 3 with the front cameras on show
Credit: Meta

Despite Apple's dominance in technology, the XR market is surprisingly competitive. The expensive Apple Vision Pro received mixed reviews, with many stating that the brilliant hardware doesn't justify the high cost and lack of mainstream appeal. Even worse, Meta is catching up quickly.

The battle for the top spot in the best VR headsets list continues, with many companies developing XR headsets, such as Sony's upcoming XR headset and LG's Apple Vision Pro rival. Meta, however, is proving to be a powerhouse in the industry, with the Meta Quest 3 offering plenty of reasons to explore Meta's VR worlds.

Mark Zuckerberg believes the Quest 3 is better than the Apple Vision Pro, but as Meta's CEO, he is bound to be biased. However, while the Quest 3 may have cheaper internals, consistent software updates is putting it neck-and-neck with the Vision Pro. Considering the price, it's clear who wins when comparing the Meta Quest 3 to the Apple Vision Pro.

The latest upgrade, the v66 update, is rolling out now. The most significant feature is the improved passthrough quality, with Meta enhancing the image distortion and warping that affects the Quest 3. Meta shared footage comparing the Quest 3's v65 and v66 passthrough, and the results are surprising.

The update includes more features. Buttons on your wrist in passthrough make it easier to access the Meta menu, while a new Sleep Mode power option and improved background audio are also added. The major upgrades to passthrough and the range of VR gaming options, including exclusive games like Batman Arkham Shadow and Hitman 3 VR Reloaded, make it hard to recommend the Vision Pro over the Quest 3.

The Apple Vision Pro does have 3D movies and an exclusive Marvel's What If? game that might sway you, but as Meta brings Apple Vision Pro features to the Quest, it's difficult to get excited about Apple's 'spatial computing' headset. With the Quest 3s looking to offer an even cheaper option, it seems Meta is determined to maintain its lead in the market. It's hard to imagine any company overtaking them soon.

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