New LEGO Harry Potter leak brings Skywalker Saga quality to plastic Hogwarts

new lego harry potter leak
Credit: TT Games

new lego harry potter leak
Credit: TT Games

Reports of an all-new LEGO Harry Potter game have been making the rounds, claiming a similar level of quality as last year’s LEGO Skywalker Saga. Fans almost got a peak at the new game, as the announcement was briefly leaked before it was taken down.

VGC reported that Warner Bros. South Africa accidentally leaked the game’s announcement. The company’s Instagram page supposedly shared an announcement image before it was quickly deleted.

While the image hasn’t been shared, VGC supposedly has a copy of the photo but can’t share it for obvious reasons. Based on their description, the image would have had LEGO Harry Potter front and center, with a teaser for August 25.

If true, this means that the LEGO Harry Potter game is scheduled to be announced later this month, likely at Gamescom. No confirmation from Warner Bros. has been released but it’s only a matter of time before the game is officially announced.

The first time fans heard about this new title was the controversy surrounding LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Reports had come in of TT Games crunching their employees and canceling several LEGO titles. Obviously, the new Harry Potter game isn’t one of them since it's currently a hot property thanks to Hogwarts Legacy.

Now that we’re getting a Harry Potter television series, it’s easy to see why a new LEGO Harry Potter is coming. Getting to replay all of the movies a la The Skywalker Saga is a good way for nostalgic fans to relive these stories. The Skywalker Saga was also a huge success for the studio, hence this formula being reused.

Hogwarts Legacy also played a part in the franchise becoming relevant again. It might be the best-selling game of 2023, selling numerous copies on current-gen systems and PC. Expect the upcoming Switch version to sell well once that comes out.

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At the time of writing, no release date for the new LEGO Harry Potter has been announced.

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