New John Wick video game will blast its way into AAA gaming

An image of Keanu reeves as John Wick imposed on a screenshot of a John Wick video game

An image of Keanu reeves as John Wick imposed on a screenshot of a John Wick video game

Keanu Reeves’ perfect action series John Wick is jumping into the virtual world. After the success of its fourth movie, a new AAA video game based on the movie franchise is seemingly in the works.

Confirmed by Lionsgate President Joe Drake, a number of John Wick video game proposals are being moved forward to full production alongside a fifth movie. How exactly that movie will work after the ending of John Wick 4 is uncertain.

Drake explained in the company’s latest earnings report that the movie franchise will keep going with more regular releases. Alongside movies, the franchise will have frequent TV shows, spin-offs and — of course — video game adaptations.

The Lionsgate President revealed that there are numerous proposals for an official AAA John Wick video game and the studio is “continuing to have those conversations."

A John Wick video game has released on modern consoles in the past: John Wick Hex. Created by Mike Bithell, Hex was an indie-budget puzzle game set in the action franchise that saw you plan out fights against rooms full of goons before executing everything in one few swoop. A number of VR John Wick tie-ins have also been created.

However, Lionsgate has expressed a deep desire to push the movie series into the AAA video game market, similar to other action franchises like James Bond.

Over the past few years, licensed games have also become incredibly popular. Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor both demolished sales when they released. However, the recent Lord of the Rings: Gollum has proven that bad licensed games are still inevitably going to exist.

Whether or not the upcoming AAA John Wick game actually ends up being good, it will be interesting to see how the movies’ signature action translates into gameplay. With games like SIFU, The Stranglehold and more perfectly recreating action movie styles into intense gameplay loops, there’s hope that the upcoming game could be a true AAA wonder.

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