Hogwarts Legacy morality system would’ve deducted house points for murder

hogwarts legacy morality system
Credit: Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy morality system
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy was originally going to launch with a morality system that was uniquely Harry Potter, for better or worse. While players can use the franchise’s illegal spells without consequence in the current game, the cut karma system would’ve deducted House Points for unsavoury conduct such as murder.

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For example, if the player committed murder the Hogwarts Legacy morality system would have removed 100 points from your house. One would think that taking someone’s life should lead to the character being severely punished, or worse: expelled.

Players also would have lost 20 points if they bullied their classmates and 10 points for sleeping in class. It’s funny to think that bullying your classmate five times or sleeping in class ten times is just as bad as murder, but I guess you can’t send a child off to Azkaban.

Interviews after the release of Hogwarts Legacy did confirm that a morality system is in the works but was entirely scrapped. While NPCs can react to the player’s created character using illegal spells like Avada Kedavra, players are never really punished for it. So, by all accounts, they can keep murdering and won’t even stack up to Voldemort.

Based on what players have seen from the game, it’s clear that the developers at Avalanche had ambitious plans for the game. Quidditch is mentioned quite a bit but wasn’t a feature in the game, as Warner Bros. announced a separate game called Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions after Legacy’s release. This morality system is definitely up there, so here’s hoping that we see it in a potential sequel.

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Hogwarts Legacy just came out on PS4 and Xbox One, with the Nintendo Switch version delayed to November. The game is also readily available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, all of which are the best versions of this RPG.

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