A New AI Movie is Coming this Summer and it Looks Awful

new ai movie looks like an awful take on romance
Credit: TCLtvplus

new ai movie looks like an awful take on romance
Credit: TCLtvplus


  • Next Stop Paris is a new AI movie and it looks bad
  • This is an AI movie that's going to try and tackle romance
  • No one is looking forward to it

An AI movie is coming out this Summer and it looks like a complete abomination, to the surprise of no one familiar with the technology. The movie’s trailer looks completely unnatural and fans are already insulting this piece of “media” on social media, which doesn’t bode well for it.

Called Next Stop Paris, this “movie” looks like a generic installment in the romance genre but a lot worse, as the character’s look completely off. Those curious about the film should check out the trailer here and it’s worth noting that comments are off, as they seemingly knew how people would react.

Simply put, everything about this AI movie just looks off, from the visuals to the supposedly human characters that have weird flickers in them. Even the dialogue sounds like every other cliche we’ve heard in these films, but a lot worse since it wasn’t said by actual humans.

Despite how everything looks, the trailer’s description claims that “story is everything” for this movie. Published by TCLtv+, a company attempting to make more media with AI, the company’s Chief Content Officer, Chris Regina, promises that story is at the heart of this film. They’re even encouraging other creators to use this technology for the “human experience.”

“Story will be at the heart of everything we do,” said Chris Regina, Chief Content Officer, TCL. “We are empowering creators and storytellers to use this new technology so the human experience is enriched, and we believe that Creatives with limitless imagination will drive endless innovation. We view ‘Next Stop Paris’ as an early experiment and we’re excited to see how it’s received in the town square.”

We previously saw a short AI movie that wasn’t very good either, but at least it wasn’t a full-length feature. However, Next Stop Paris looks like it’s actually going to be a full movie and people aren’t impressed. Curious fans will be able to check it out this summer, but we think fans should just watch other movies.

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