Artists create first short film 'Air Head' using Sora OpenAI

sora openai first short film air head
Credit: Magna AI

sora openai first short film air head
Credit: Magna AI


  • Sora OpenAI was used by artists to make a short film called Air Head
  • Air Head follows a man with a balloon head as he narrates his life
  • Artists still won't trust AI and this isn't helping

AI continues to be a controversial topic in the arts and this new short film made with Sora OpenAI won’t be helping things. The technology’s first film, made by shy kids, shows what an AI film could look like in the future and it seems normal people have nothing to worry about.

Called Air Head, this short film follows a man with a balloon for his head as he narrates how weird his life is. It’s a decent enough premise for a college short film and we imagine that this will lead to more of these oddities in the near future.

Since this is made with Sora OpenAI, there’s a certain oddness to this short film, with characters and backgrounds not looking quite right. This is because AI often steals art and tries to get away with it by making slight differences to the faces, hence, the uncanny valley seen here.

Despite artists continuing the fight against AI, many companies are trusting of the technology, which is a big shame. This is because executives are hoping that using AI will result in hiring less people, which is another scummy move. While companies have been careful in their wording regarding AI, nothing quite beats a film made with an actual person’s passion.

To be fair, there has been some pushback against AI, most notably with the recent Taylor Swift pictures that circled social media for some time. Even if companies will continue to use AI, the swift action does mean that jerks on the internet can actually be stopped from stealing. All we can do is hope that people realize AI should be used to help artists out, not try and replace them.

Fans curious about Sora OpenAI’s movie can check out Air Head on YouTube, where it’s free to watch. Expect more of these in the future, though we hope that these won’t be made for profit or slander. Then again, this is the social media age and anything can happen, unfortunately.

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