New AAA Alien game takes inspiration from Dead Space, Resident Evil

aaa alien game dead space resident evil a xenomorph stalks three soldiers
Credit: Cold Iron Studios/Focus Entertainment

It looks like fans will be getting a AAA Alien game soon, one that is supposedly influenced by Dead Space and Resident Evil. Details on the game are still unknown, but this could mean a classic over-the-shoulder perspective in a horrific environment.

At the time of writing, no developer has been named for this rumored project, but reports claim that it will be coming out on Holiday 2023. Should this end up being true, that means an announcement will have to be made soon, possibly in next month’s The Game Awards.

Prior to this, the last major games we saw in the Alien franchise were Alien: Isolation and Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Only time will tell if this new game does better than its predecessors, especially the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation.

According to Insider Gaming, this new AAA Alien title is known by its codename “Marathon”. The secret project has been designed with current-gen gaming systems in mind — PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. While a developer hasn’t been named, documentation and concept art were shared on the website, making it seem more legitimate.

Little else is known about this new game, though it won’t be the only one in the franchise being made. The report states that a sequel to Alien: Isolation is also being made, with original developer Creative Assembly possibly involved, though no confirmation was given.

aaa alien game a xenomorph stalks a darkly lit area.
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Credit: Insider Gaming

Survival horror has been a hot topic again in gaming, with remakes of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, and Silent Hill 2 getting a ton of excitement. It’s not surprising to see a property like Alien wants to capitalize on some of that hype and there’s some good faith in the franchise thanks to recent releases.

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a multiplayer shooter, recently got a chunky piece of DLC called the Pathogen Expansion last August. Mobile gamers were also able to experience Alien: Isolation on their phones last December, with many calling it an excellent port.

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