Netflix isn’t making an Apple Vision Pro app for a handful of users

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro in front of the Netflix Home Screen

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro in front of the Netflix Home Screen

The Apple Vision Pro release date is just around the corner, offering users an expensive way to view mixed reality spatial entertainment. While some companies are working to bring movies and TV shows to the new Apple headset, Netflix has revealed that it won’t be making an app for the device.

Apple and Disney are teaming up to bring 3D content to the Vision Pro. TV shows and films from Marvel, Star Wars and more will be available to stream with full stereoscopic 3D support.

In a report by Bloomberg, Netflix revealed that it won't be supporting the Apple Vision Pro headset any time soon. Additionally, the company won’t make its current iPad application available on the headset, and has no plans to do so.

This means that anyone who wants to use Netflix on their expensive $3,500 mixed reality headset won’t be able to use a dedicated app for the streaming service. Instead, users will have to use the headset’s on board web browser to watch movies on the device.

While Disney Plus has announced extensive support for Apple’s headset, other streaming services are bringing more basic apps to the headset. Max (previously HBO Max), Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount Plus are all coming to the platform, likely via a reused version of their iPad apps.

Netflix isn’t in the wrong for not putting resources into supporting the Apple Vision Pro. With the headset donning an exorbitant $3,499 price tag, very few people will be buying into Apple’s first gen version of its mixed reality headset.

Furthermore, Netflix has even neglected to support popular devices in recent years. Despite being one of the best selling consoles ever, there’s no way to watch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch, even though the console can be displayed on the TV.

Apple Vision Pro finally releases in the UK on February 2, 2024.

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