Multiversus shut down leaves fans angry and confused

multiversus shut down leaves fans angry and confused
Credit: Warner Bros.

multiversus shut down leaves fans angry and confused
Credit: Warner Bros.

The Multiversus open beta is officially closed and fans are pissed that they can’t get a refund for buying DLC packs. While the game will return early next year, presumably with all of the paid content players purchased, some fans feel that the lack of clarity should lead to a refund.

A post in the game’s subreddit had plenty of fans temporarily saying their goodbyes, hopeful for better things in 2024. However, one fan expressed frustration over the open beta closing with no way to play it until next year.

While it was the lone exception in this thread, there are many fans who aren’t a fan of Multiversus closing temporarily. The fact this game was willing to charge fans for its Founder’s Edition and other DLC while only being a beta is pretty insulting. Hopefully, the game’s launch next year will keep the DLC for everyone who bought them.

Unfortunately, this is a strategy that might become popular with other publishers, as many games are also launching with “open betas.” Disney Speedstorm is a kart racer with popular Disney characters currently in its “open beta” and this game also offers paid DLC packs, the same is true of Dreamlight Valley.

Due to its success, there is a very good chance that Multiversus will return and won’t disappoint fans. However, a year-long absence is still questionable and we hope that the time used will make this game better. Let’s hope they improve the Battle Pass so it won’t just include costumes for Bugs Bunny in the end.

Fans of live-service games have been burned before, with numerous online games closing and not giving players a refund. Marvel Heroes was a big victim of this, as the game was unceremoniously closed down and fans weren’t given a refund even when they bought DLC characters.

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No return date for Multiversus has been announced but the game should return better than ever if the developer’s word is anything to go by. Here’s hoping more interesting characters and costumes are added to the Free-to-Play fighter.

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