Your Modded Wii can now run macOS after 16 years

modded wii can now run mac os a nintendo wii with the mac logo
Credit: Nintendo/Apple

modded wii can now run mac os a nintendo wii with the mac logo
Credit: Nintendo/Apple

The Wii modding community continues to be dedicated, despite multiple newer consoles releasing since its discontinuation. This time, modders have outdone themselves by bringing Apple’s macOS to the beloved Nintendo console.

While impressive, this is a barebones version of macOS, so fans thinking they can treat it like a regular Apple laptop should think twice. Still, the fact that modders could even make the operating system run on the Wii is impressive by itself.

Modders continue to give the Wii an active presence in the gaming community, even if it’s a small niche at this point. Personally, we’re interested in seeing what else they can do for the least-powerful seventh-generation console that managed to outsell the PS3 and Xbox 360.

On YouTube, Wii modder Pierre Dandumont was able to showcase the old Nintendo console running a version of macOS. As mentioned earlier, this is an older and less-complete version of Mac OS, with a number of features unavailable for Wii players.

There are a number of features that do work on the Wii. Internet Explorer 5 can be opened, which is something. iTunes can be accessed, though the sound cracks, making it completely useless. Even a basic game like the classic DOOM is unplayable here, only running at one frame per second.

Dandumont was able to make this possible through the ever-popular Homebrew Channel that comes from the modding community. As explained by Gizmodo, an SD card with the disk image of Mac OS 9.2 is inserted into the console. BootMii is then used to run Mac OS on the Wii, albeit in a limited function.

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Although heavily flawed, this is still an impressive achievement for Wii modding. The community has also done a number of impressive things, like keeping the online community for Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl alive.

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