Kid Icarus: Uprising port teased by Smash Bros’ Masahiro Sakurai

kid icarus uprising switch port masahiro sakurai pit aims his arrow at the audience
Credit: Nintendo

kid icarus uprising switch port masahiro sakurai pit aims his arrow at the audience
Credit: Nintendo

Kid Icarus: Uprising was one of the most unique 3DS games ever released and many fans miss it. Masahiro Sakurai, who worked on the game as well as every Super Smash Bros. title, also seems to miss the 3DS title. At the end of a recent YouTube video, he made that very apparent.

We’ve seen some 3DS games ported to Switch before, from smaller titles like Sushi Striker to bigger ones like Miitopia and Monster Hunter: Generations. Admittedly, Kid Icarus: Uprising did have a unique control scheme that fully utilized the 3DS but it shouldn’t be too hard to translate that on the Switch.

Only time will tell if we actually get a port of Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Switch but it would be a nice surprise. Fans also want to see more Nintendo representation on the Switch that isn’t just Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, or Pokémon.

In a new YouTube post, Masahiro Sakurai released a video about “The Fiend’s Cauldron,” which involves a lot of Kid Icarus: Uprising. After plenty of discussion in the video, Sakurai bluntly says: “It sure would be nice to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console. I wonder if someone out there will ever port it?"

Adding fuel to the fire was the smirk he gave in the end, getting fans even more excited about a possible Switch port of the game. Considering all of the praise this title received at the time and the lack of major Switch titles outside of next year’s Zelda, it would be a nice boon for fans.

This isn’t just all speculation as Bandai Namco did have a job listing that mentioned a "3D action remaster/remake project contracted by Nintendo." Bandai Namco has made good games for the Switch, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Snap, so this would be another great addition from the studio.

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Until a Switch port happens, fans can only enjoy Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS. Sadly, the 3DS eShop will be closing next year so fans will have to download it now or hunt down a physical copy.

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